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Special Thanks to....Er.Mukul Khatri

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All User Accounts Disabled

First you cannot delete the Administrator account but you can disable it. Enabling it is easy if you know how. You must be in safe mode -
While booting press F8 - brings up boot menu.
Sign on screen comes up Again with no Admin or user option similar to regular boot process
Press Control ALT DEL twice. Administrator sign on screen comes up. Enter password if you have one. If not just continue as you would to log on
Now because you are in safe mode you will not get the dreaded “ the admin account has been disabled”
But you will be dumped into the command prompt mode
That will take you to a command prompt “C:\ documents and settings/administrator.” Now you are in business. Simply type “control” at the prompt and press enter. This should bring up a message that allows you to enter Windows recovery function, and it will also open the control panel. Click on Administrative Tools and then Local Security Policies
to bring up the settings. On the left side bar you can select Local Policies and then Security Options and Enable the Administrator Account the same way you may have disabled it. Make sure you click on the enable button then hit return key. Review Administrative account now shows enabled. Exit windows and reboot normally.

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