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Super Mario 3 Mario Forever

Super Mario 3 Mario Forever

 Game Description

A Story We Should All be Familiar With

The kingdom of Toadstool lived in peace. Under the leadership of their benevolent ruling princess, the people led productive and prosperous lives.
Then one day, the evil reptilian Koopa king decided to take it all for himself. Backed by a legion of tanks and an army of bizarre creatures, he stormed through the kingdom and laid waste to everything in his way.
Toadstool stood little chance against his military might, but in the darkest hour, one particular plumber with a bushy mustache and red hat knew he could not just sit by and watch it all happen. He set forth to stop the Koopa and save the kingdom!

Classic Mario Gameplay

Anyone and everyone familiar with Nintendo’s timeless Super Mario Brothers should be right at home with Super Mario 3: Mario Forever. It features absolutely everything that made the original game great.
  • Collect power ups! Grow in size with Mushrooms, shoot fireballs with the Fire Flower, and become invincible with the Magic Star!
  • Face numerous distinctive and classic enemies, including Goombas, Koopas, Piranha Plants, Thornbeasts, Hammer Brothers and more!
  • Grab coins to gain extra lives.
  • Travel through pipes to find secret areas filled with even more goodies.
  • Complete challenging jumps over all sorts of hazards, including bottomless pits and pools of lava!

Not Just the Old Game

Make no mistake; Mario Forever is not just any old remake. In many ways, it’s a whole new game with all sorts of new features that can enhance your gameplay.
  • Save your game. Keep your level progress, lives and score for a future date.
  • Exchange lives to purchase enhancements and power ups.
  • Revamped graphics bring the world to life like never before!
  • Includes remixed editions of classic Mario songs.
  • Features redesigned levels that offer newer experiences and greater challenges!
  • Discover additional secret areas.
  • Collect all new power-ups, including the Magical Beetroot and Green Jumping Lui.
  • Avoid new hazards such as the poisonous Ugly Mushroom.

Game Controls

The default controls can be a little awkward.  When you first start the game, use the arrow keys to go to "Options" and press "Enter".  On the following screen, use the down arrow key on your keyboard to go to "Controls/Keyboard" and then press "Enter".  That will take you to the "Controls" page where you can change the defaults for each action by pressing "Enter" and then pressing whatever key you want for that control.  We recommend using the"Up, Down, Left, and Right" arrow keys for direction, "Spacebar" for jump, "Z" for Fire and Run.

Take the Jump!

Super Mario 3: Mario Forever revamps the old game in many ways to appeal to both old and new Mario fans alike. It has the same gameplay that continues to withstand the test of time and an assortment of new challenges that should surprise even the most experienced Mario enthusiasts.
Anyone who is nostalgic for some old-school platforming absolutely owes it to him or herself to play it. Best of all, Mario Forever is completely free!
Jump down the pipe and try it today!

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